Thinking of A Big Kitchen Space? Here is What You Can Do

Stressed about a small kitchen? Well, I know that can bug you up. The kitchen is all about the good vibe because space essentially dictates the ease with which you’ll cook your food. Limited space can make it really tough to manage our needs. A big kitchen is not only more functional but it makes things easier too. So, what do you need to make your kitchen look bigger? You might be planning to revamp it by adding more square feet but that’s not needed. All you need to do is adapt and improvise with the space you have in hand to make it look bigger. Well, let me show you how that’s done.

Make use of every inch available

When you have limited space, you need to make use of every inch of space. Honestly, you just need to have an eye for it. You’ll be surprised to find that there is a lot you can make use of. Just make a list of empty spots in your kitchen. Usually, people keep their back walls blank. So, you can make use of it and add some more shelves to make the best use of available space. Keep an eye on the corners as you can place the shelves and keep the extra goods there. If you’re still confused, online platforms like Instagram and Pinterest can come to the rescue. There are a lot of pages that offer creative insight into using the kitchen space in the best way possible.

The colors play an important role

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The kitchen colors matter a lot. When you’re planning to add more space, keep the choice of colors down to one or two. We need to avoid color blocking here as it makes the space look congested. If you select multiple shades of the same color, it can make your kitchen look more appealing and blend in some continuity in the look. Invest some time in selecting the right color for yourself. It boils down to your own preferences and make sure you do it accordingly.

Use minimalism


When you have a small kitchen, it means you need to keep a tab on the items you’re storing. Obviously, it means that you’ll have to make the best use of space you have. One way to do this is by storing only the most important items. For that, make a list of all the items that you need in the kitchen. Now, sort them based on the usage. For instance, make a separate list of items that you need on a daily basis. These are the ones you need to store on priority. Also, if there are items that you don’t need, it’s better to donate them. This cuts the burden and gives you enhanced control. But definitely don’t let go off that flower vase that brings your kitchen into place. Ideally, you should make a habit of following this routine. We have a tendency to collect items over time. This habit can ensure that you’re only stocked with items that are necessary.

Add light-reflecting accessories

Treat your kitchen just like any other room in the house. Naturally, every room has a set of decorative accessories meant to enhance the overall look. Similarly, your kitchen needs some too. Add some accessories that reflect light. This can fill the room with vibrant light  and make it look bigger. Need any suggestions? Go for something metallic. It can add a tinge of personality to your kitchen and make it look attractive. For instance, get some metallic pots, pendant lights or just normal copper vessels will do the thing for you. Also, try to blend in white shades in the kitchen. It will naturally give a hint of more space.


With a small kitchen, you need to be a bit choosy with the items you’re storing. The more you have, the more challenging it will be to manage the space. So, it’s better to select items that are important for your needs. If you have old items, chances are that they’re not that efficient. We have a habit of storing items even when we’re not using them. Honestly, this needs to change. Also, there is no point in storing similar accessories. For instance, you might have an old oven that you hardly use. It’s time you make a list of similar items and sell them off. Trust me, your kitchen will feel way more spacious than it actually is.

Make the furniture multi-functional

Who says the dining table is just meant for munching your food. There is a lot it can do. Occasionally, you can use it as a workspace when you’re bored with the normal office space. Also, you can add extra drawers that can store your cutlery or utensils.  What if there is limited furniture? Don’t hesitate to bring some extra furniture. For instance, you can bring a small desk or additional chairs in case any guest arrives.

Ideally, you can hire a company that offers good kitchen cleaning services NYC. This can reduce your burden and get your job done with utmost ease. It’s not that hard to add space to your kitchen. You just need a plan to execute. I’m sure that can be done.