Cat of Your Dreams

The Cat of Your Dreams

If not now then what, if not cats then who? Being a cat person is just as hectic as being a vegan or an atheist; you will be hated by most of the human race, you don’t get to do a lot of stuff just because society thinks it is abnormal and there is always one bastard on internet yelling and complaining how and why you are wrong? Welcome to my world, the mysterious flora and fauna of a cat lover, and how we are dominated by the love of our life and the world too. When most of the world will think that you are super creepy for living with a plenty of cats this is what you love plainly, maybe we have the movies and our TV characters to blame for this thing, of course, they are the ones who keep fixating on the fact that people who live with cats are crazy, if I got to name one, Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory would be a perfect. But in this article, I am going to throw light on the realistic corners of living with a cat or a clowder (a bunch of it)?

The Kneading 

It is that cute little exercise your cat goes about before resting her/his body on a surface. Well yes, you must have figured it out by now that they make adjustments and everything comfy before going to a short interval of hibernation, which they are on for most of the time in a day. But it is not to make the adjustments for themselves always, at times they are just trying to wake us up, so they can sit there and be pretty. Well, what to say maybe our furry friends believe that kneading our skin may lead them towards attaining nirvana or something. And it is all fine, we all behave like crazy ass shits at times. It is just not that endearing when they start to make things wild and to use their razor-sharp claws with the best of the force.

They’re Everywhere

ESA letter

Having a cat is just as good as having twelve of them, as you never know in which corner of the house you are going to find one. They do hang in the weirdest of the places, believe you me I have found one sitting in my oven as I woke up at four to have a snack. To date, I do not know how he got himself in, and what is a superior mystery is how he was so calm.

Trees Are the Biggest Enemies

Cats and trees do not hand in hand; if your puss goes onto a general nomadic, for a change, you know where to find him/her. Yes, the trees are about the right place to look for that purring cat. Again, a huge mystery is upon us; they are natural, born killers, the hunters, and gods for many civilizations of history and where they manage themselves to get stuck at? A freaking tree, how can a cat be stuck at a freaking tree? They have been hanging on these things from god knows how long. But, there your cat, stuck on a tree again, looking cute and acting all innocent like a prominent bodybuilder with no flexibility or anything. So, if you, yourself are not excellent at a climber, do not let your pussycat go out for a general walk or for hanging in the hood.

They Are Perfect Emotional Support Animal

Emotional Support Animal

There is a new trend going on in the United States of America, where lonely people adopt to fight their emotional or neurological problems. Some opt for dogs, some sheep, some go for miniature horses, and some people like us get an emotional support cat. And it is a win-win situation you get to stay with your cat, fly with it, travel with it and without having to pay a single extra penny for it. Just get a simple emotional support animal letter and are gold for the rest of the year. I have one, and it is super handy, by the way, I am also fighting with the post-stress traumatic disorder. Nothing was working for me, the pills, the walks, sauna baths, but this cat has changed my life, for good.

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Okay, so this was all about the life of living with a cat, and if you own one, you must have related to the thing too. Cats are cute, they love us, and they keep us from going insane. What else can a person look for in a pet?