Growing Weed in a Greenhouse

Reasons Why You Should Consider Growing Weed in a Greenhouse

Cultivation in a greenhouse is very popular in some parts of the country, particularly in the “Emerald Triangle” of Southern Oregon and Northern California. Greenhouses are the structures that are covered (usually by the glass), and this is used to manage temperature and humidity in the cultivation of plants. You feel like you have your own little micro-environment that you control. Growing marijuana indoors and outdoors has already gained popularity, now cultivating marijuana in greenhouses is also getting its fame. Greenhouse harnesses the power of the sun and protects the plants against environmental conditions. It is also suitable for year-round cultivation. There are many benefits of cultivating cannabis in a greenhouse. Keep reading to know them all.

Control Lighting

People prefer growing marijuana outdoors as the plants get more exposure to sunlight. Now, one of the benefits of growing your marijuana in a greenhouse is that the greenhouse utilizes the sunlight and also taking a step further. Supplementing the plants with light is one of the biggest advantages that the greenhouse has. This supplemental lighting system lets the marijuana plant to enjoy extended hours of daylight. This improves the quality of light even in the dark, or cloudy days, which keeps the marijuana in a good state and manages its natural course. Overall, supplementing the plants with light will let you control a little more over the vegetative stage of your plants.

Control The Weather And Climate

Production of a high-quality product mainly depends on the control of the environment. You can protect your plant against many outdoor elements that can affect your plant’s growth. You can’t control the natural conditions like rainfall and storms. But, greenhouses provide the cover for your plants. So, it will protect your plants from these heavy rains and also from too much moisture that gets stuck in the bud. Greenhouses can also control the humidity and climate as they have dehumidifiers, heaters, air conditioners, and fans. This level of control is impossible to get in an outdoor grow.


Growing cannabis in a Greenhouse

You can protect your precious plants from your nosy neighbors and passersby. Greenhouses are not stealth, still, they can keep your plants safe. You can use cameras, motion detectors, fencing, and steel end walls for the security of your greenhouse grow site. You can even paint the exterior of your location with white shading paint. This won’t let people see inside and identify what you are growing.

Conservation of Energy

You can control light and keep the climate stable when growing indoors but that can be expensive. But, growing plants in a greenhouse will not only make you control climate and lights but will also be inexpensive. It will be more inexpensive than growing indoors. You can supplement the plants with light at a low cost. This will even decrease the heating cost and will conserve a great amount of energy. This is way cheaper than growing indoors.

More Harvesting

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You can increase harvest by start growing plants earlier in the season with greenhouse. The greenhouse gets much warmer than the temperature outside during the day. Your cannabis plants will grow bigger and stronger for your plant to flower, as you will have more time for the vegetation phase. This can dramatically increase your yield. You can install greenhouse heaters to protect your greenhouse getting too cold at night during the early part of the season. The heaters will keep your greenhouse and plants warm and will protect them from the cold nights. You can find these heaters at your local garden center. More and more people are opting to grow their marijuana greenhouse because of this advantage of lengthening the growing season for cannabis plants. This is one of the big reasons why greenhouses are getting their fame. Plants can even grow bigger in size as compared to their counterparts outside.

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Save Your Money

If you compare the cost of starting an indoor grow with growing in a greenhouse, you can find that investing in a greenhouse is significantly lower. Growing your plants in a greenhouse can usually cost you around half of what it cost when you grow indoors. Reproducing the power of the sun is essential when you are growing indoors and this can be incredibly expensive. With a greenhouse, you can use that power for free. This way you can ensure that your plants are getting the required amount of light.

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