Myths Alert!! Stop Believing These Coronavirus Rumors Now

Remember the time when AIDS created a storm through major cities of the U.S. in the early 1980s. One could hear repeated baseless rumors that “scientists had created the virus as a part of an experiment that went out of control.” So, it would be no surprise that you can find a relentless flood of information during the Covid-19 outbreak as well.


As the Covid-19 continues to rule the world, it will become difficult to separate fact from fiction. Think about it for a moment. Such rumors or misleading articles can be extremely dangerous when the world is no way near to finding the permanent solution right now. So, here we are busting some of the myths concerning Coronavirus.


Myth 1: Vitamin C or Zinc Can Help You Safeguard Against Covid-19

Companies often present different supplements as a means to reduce symptoms of a cold. But, doctors and scientists suggest that no evidence, as of now, could confirm the same for Coronavirus infection. According to the experts, Vitamin C, when taken in large doses, can reduce the duration of upper respiratory infections while zinc can aid in boosting immunity. However, no scientific review or published articles support the use of any such supplements to fight against Coronavirus.


Myth 2: High Temperatures Can Kill Coronavirus

Another popular myth that indicates a change in temperature or weather can stop the virus from spreading. However, more than 150 countries have already contracted the virus. And as you all know, the virus is circulating despite the change in temperatures or weather conditions.


As if that was not enough…


Some are even suggesting to take a hot bath or drink cold water to raise your body temperature. The World Health Organization points out that using such extreme measures will result in only a loss of comfort. Imagine yourself drinking a glass of hot water. What will happen? It’s simple. You will burn yourself.




You will have to schedule an online doctor visit. Of course, the doctor would make sure you are fine. But, you will intentionally raise the burden to the healthcare system that is already crippling right now.


Myth 3: Garlic Can Help You Protect Against The Coronavirus

Although I hate to break this news, garlic lovers, this is yet another myth. Although research confirms its antimicrobial action, however, that does mean ingesting cloves will help to keep the virus at bay. Despite all the data available, ingesting garlic will not help provide the ingredients that could protect your respiratory lining or epithelium from the wrath of the Covid-19 attack.


Myth 4: Rinsing Your Nose With Saline Solution The Virus Will Flush Out

While the solution can certainly help you to feel better when you have a regular cold, it won’t be effective in keeping away Coronavirus. Why is that? It’s because viruses bond with receptors present in the lining of the tract. And the saline solution can not possibly flush out this ghastly virus. Also, if you use this solution frequently, the chances are that you might impact your innate immunity system ingredients.


Myth 5: Spraying disinfectant on Your Body Can Protect You From The Covid-19 Attack

If you are using a hand sanitizer or washing your hands at regular intervals, you are doing great. However, if you are practically bathing with chlorine or disinfectants, things can never be in your favor. But, still, some might relentlessly argue that disinfectants have the same effect as that of sanitizer. You must remember one thing that your body is no linoleum. Plus, using such solutions can be irritating to your skin and can hurt your eyes badly. So, avoiding such stuff can save you from a doctor’s visit.




Although one can not predict precisely when the Covid-19 pandemic will leave our side, specific steps will help you to keep a distance from this deadly virus for a long time. The solution is simple. Keep on practicing healthy lifestyle habits to enhance your immune system. For instance, if you eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep, and manage your stress well, you can ward off the probability of contracting a virus.


Also, proper etiquette such as staying at home, social distancing, washing hands regularly will help to reduce the chances of getting infected.


Final Thoughts


With the advent of hundreds and thousands of social media channels and other platforms, one can not avoid the spread of false rumors or assumptions online. Despite what you might see there, if you go by specific measures such as holding the breath for ten seconds, using a face mask can protect you from the impact of Coronavirus, or that 5G caused this spread. Things might turn out to be extremely dangerous for you.


So, make it a point to read articles or news clipping only from reliable sources. And report the ones who are misleading the public with false information and creating another panic and fear amidst Coronavirus pandemic.