What is Afghan Kush

Let Afghan Kush Introduce You to Ultimate Relaxation!

Ever imagined what a puff of bliss feels like? You need to drive your attention towards Afghan Kush. It’s a package you cannot afford to lose. You need relaxation in life?

*Wish granted*

Afghan Kush is all you need. It has plenty in stock to relax you to the core.

What is Afghan Kush?

Afghan Kush

Sourced initially from the Hindu Kush ranges, this potent strain is your introduction to a deep sense of relaxation. It’s heavy indica presence ensures you feel the relaxation pervading throughout your body.

This resinous strain is used for making the infamous black Afghani Hash. If you’re not aware of how that feels, it lifts you straight up in the clouds. Wanna fly? Sure! You can do that while being locked to your couch.

Afghan Kush boasts THC levels up to 25%. Whoa! That’s a lot. Yes, it is! The intense effect it produces is the prime reason why it’s so popular among marijuana enthusiasts.

It’s high potency makes it a parent strain to many hybrid strains. This includes Northern Lights and Blueberry. So, it’s basically a dad strain which knows how to make its presence felt.

How does it feel?

How does it feel

You’ll feel a sense of earthy touch when you grab this strain. The sweet aroma with hints of grounded feel will surely get you hooked to it. The moment you smell those buds, you’ll know that this substance means business.

The herbal feel it offers gives you that characteristic vibe that you’re an essential part of nature. Well, who doesn’t want that? It’s a gift you should cherish.

The moment you light this goodness, it’s sure to capture you with it’s intense feel. You’ll feel a sense of relaxation throughout your body. The intense high strikes every cell of your body and makes you feel at ease. As you drag more puffs in, you’ll dive deeper into zone of complete relaxation.

Afghan Kush will introduce you to what a happy high is. You’ll feel couch locked while flying high in the clouds. I’m sure you’re already planning to get your hands on this beauty. Well, I won’t stop you! Go ahead!

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What are the medicinal benefits of Afghan Kush?

Afghan Kush works as a sedative. I’m sure you might have a hint of it by now. Well, that’s true. This strain is ideal for night time use. It produces a deep sense of relaxation which induces a good sleep. So, this strain is perfect for insomnia patients.

Now, what if you have a low appetite? No issues! Afghan Kush works as an appetite simulator. So, if you’re someone who has a hard time ingesting food, you won’t find a better remedy than this.

It triggers those munchies which is sure to set your hunger pangs on fire. People with anorexia are ideally suited to use this strain for their health.

Also, anxiety issues are pretty common these days. They stem from the fact that people have too much work pressure and emotional issues. This takes a toll on your mind and induces mental friction. Afghan Kush presents you with the clarity you need. Its intense high will erase any trace of clashing thoughts and help you think freely.

Apart from these, Afghan Kush is a brilliant strain for managing chronic pain. So, if you’re on prescription painkillers, it’s time to bid goodbye to them.

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Seek medical advice first

There’s no doubt that Afghan Kush is a brilliant strain but you should seek help from a medical expert to derive maximum benefits. The expert can educate you about taking the right dose of herb for your health. Having a recommendation from a licensed doctor can help you get access to medical marijuana in New York.

Like everything, anything in excess can harm you. The same thing goes for cannabis. You need to ingest the right dose to reap the maximum benefits. I’m sure you can do that! If you’re planning to smoke Afghan Kush, you surely won’t be disappointed. It’s intense but damn good