Is Marijuana The New Frontier For Mental Health

Is Marijuana The New Frontier For Mental Health

We as a nation are facing a mental health crisis. Studies as recent as 2019 show that while material well-being has improved, emotional distress is climbing to extraordinary levels. Most of the time when a medical marijuana card in New York is approved it is for a mental health disorder

These are the two reasons behind the distressed condition we seem to be functioning under. Opioids have long been a source of relief for people who are in the middle of this crisis. But even they come with a list of side effects after which you need to take more care and mitigate more effects.

Medical marijuana is the answer to mental health woes. At least that is what people are claiming. Research is low, thanks to the federal ban still on the herb. It is improving as states legalize it for medical and recreational purposes.

We don’t have too many long-term studies to refer to at the moment but we do have anecdotal experiences and small-scale research and on that basis, we have come to the conclusion that cannabis might be the new frontier for mental health.

Medical Marijuana and Mental Health

It Works As A Mood Booster

No matter what form you decide to consume marijuana in, your brain does release dopamine and anandamide. This release of chemicals acts as an antidepressant and brings about feelings of relaxation. If you at any point feel stressed or if you are someone who is prone to panic attacks and anxiety then marijuana might help ease the symptoms.

This is the most common benefit of marijuana- boosting your mood.

It Helps Sleep

One of the biggest side effects of mental health disorders is the long sleepless nights. Your brain can keep spiraling out of control about anything. It can be the events that transpired in your day or about events in the future.

Fears have a tendency to come to the surface at night and so to tame those thoughts marijuana works wonders. It causes drowsiness and relaxes you. Consuming marijuana helps deal with insomnia.

Prescription Drugs Can Phase-Out

Drugs like Prozac and Xanax are readily available to help curb issues like anxiety and other closely related issues, but not everybody wants to be dependent on these drugs for their well being. Research states that long term use of these drugs can negatively impact your mental health.

These drugs don’t fix anything instead they suppress your issue. If they are working for you then there is no need for the switch as everybody is different. But if antidepressants don’t work for you then you should give cannabis a try.

This is a universal way to help tackle your issues and decrease your anxiety, depression and other problems.

It Helps You Relax

If you are someone who struggles with PTSD, then you know how bad nights can get. From sleepless nights to episodes in the middle of the day, PTSD can severely hamper day to day functioning of a person. You are always jumpy and unable to get certain images out of your head,  Cannabis can help you deal with it by promoting relaxation.

With marijuana, you can stop your brain from spinning out and stop and breathe.

It Helps Counter Physical Pain

At times anxiety can cause the muscles to become stressed especially after a person has just gone through a  panic attack. It’s an inherently physical process that can end up being a little too taxing on the body. Every muscle from your head to toe gets affected.

If you have any kind of chronic pain then smoking a bit of cannabis can help suppress the pain while helping you deal with all the other symptoms.

None of my words here are asking you to throw out your existing medication just because cannabis might be able to help. Marijuana is very personalized medicine. It does not affect everybody the same way. There are a lot of factors that determine how and how much, in the end, cannabis is able to help you.  Body chemistry for one and the fragility of your mental health the other.

My advice would be to always consult a doctor before you start medicating with cannabis. Begin today