7 Amazing Dogs Breeds To Live in Apartments

Choosing a dog to adopt is difficult in its own way because all of them are just so adorable. But when you are living in an apartment, you need to be a bit more careful with this. There are certain things that you need to take care of when choosing a dog breed. You have to pick a dog breed that is suited for an apartment. Consider the size, activity level, and disposition to barking when choosing a new furry roommate. This is especially important if your dog is also your emotional support animal. If your dog is not comfortable living in an apartment, he will not be able to provide you the support you need. Also, dogs with big barks can annoy neighbors. Because of this reason, many people choose cats as their pets.


Choosing the right dog breed is very important to have a happy living situation for both you and your furry roommate. So, I have compiled a list of dogs that are best suited for an apartment lifestyle. Go through the list and see which one connects with you the most.



emotional support animal

My first choice when it comes to apartment-dogs will always be Chihuahuas! Also, they always remind me of Taco Bell, and now I just made myself hungry. Moving on, Chihuahuas are small and hardly need any exercise. This makes them a great pick for living in apartments. They love sitting on their owner’s lap and crave for attention and affection. They love getting pampered. You can also prepare a special meal on Thanksgiving for your pooches to reciprocate the love they offer to you.



Are you looking for a roommate who loves eating snacks and sleeping just as much as you? Then pugs can be the perfect choice for you. These adorable pooches are small and do not require much exercise or space. They will simply sleep on your couch the entire day. This also gives you time to do other stuff or try new things. Maybe you want to get on with some new food trends. They are a great pick for a small apartment.


Shih Tzu

These cute dogs may look like little lions but are ultimate lap dogs. They are a great furry roommate for a smaller apartment. They are a relatively small breed and do not require too much space or exercise. In fact, most Shih Tzus are happier staying indoors than going out. They are very friendly dogs and can do well with other animals, children, and strangers too. The only issue you will have with them is that this affectionate breed sheds a lot.


French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are easygoing, sociable, and affectionate dogs. They are undoubtedly one of the best dog breeds to have in an apartment. They are small and quiet, making them a great choice for small apartments. They are also great guard dogs, and will only bark if they think something is off. Frenchies are mostly low maintenance but will crave for human interaction. So, don’t leave them alone for long hours. They are playful but in comparison to other breeds, they do not need that much exercise.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are intelligent, sweet, cute, and loving dogs. They will become your cuddle buddy and are a great pick when you are living in an apartment. These adorable pooches are known for getting attached to their humans. They will love to follow you all day around and will want to be around you as much as possible. Also, don’t leave them alone for long. They love human interactions and are one of the most people-loving dog breeds. This friendly nature of theirs makes them terrible as guard dogs. But this also makes them great with children.


English Bulldog

English bulldogs are known for being tenacious and tough. To some people, they look terrifying because of their ready to pounce stance. But for me, the squashy face of this breed is just very adorable. I mean, the wrinkles, stubby legs, and the broadhead, all of them look very cute. If you are looking for a companion to cuddle with, this 40-50 lb adorable pooch is for you. While they are protective of their familiar, they are also playful and friendly. Contrary to what most people think, English Bulldogs are not aggressive at all. They are one of the friendliest and docile dog breeds.


Great Dane

This may come as a surprise for many people, but our Scooby-Doo is one of the best dogs to have in an apartment. They are very patient, well-mannered, calm, and friendly dogs. They have a very docile nature and are known as gentle giants. These loving doggos may have hulking size but are very comfortable with lying on your couch or even on your floor. They just need enough space to stretch. Also, they need too much exercise, just taking them out for a walk at least once in a day will keep them in shape.