6 Food Trends to Stick to in 2020

As the sun dawns in 2020, we look forward to so many new things in the new year. From new resolutions (which by the way most of us have broken by now) to a change in diet, and a lot more. Although I don’t know much about what you are planning to eat this year. However, I am definitely going to list the top food trends of 2020. So, jump on the bandwagon of 2020 top food trends and make sure you take notes because you will definitely be tempted to try out a few dishes.


Alt Meat

I don’t know if you remember but Alt Meat was everywhere in the news last year, specifically Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat. Needless to say, alt meat was certainly the best vegan meat alternative last year and it tends to stay the same this year as well. And the companies that I just mentioned above are slowly and steadily taking over the fast-food restaurants, supermarkets, and headlines in every publishing company in America. While this is entirely a new concept and unquestionably a perfect choice for people who crave the taste of meat and do not eat meat. Probably the next dish you need with a centerpiece on your next party at home.


However, alt meat has also managed to spark debate and it looks like environmental and health experts. Although the discussion of what is better for us will continue for ages to come. For now, all the non-meat eaters can be excited to see what alt-meat has in store for you.


Filipino dessert

Pinterest recently published a report. This report talked about the top trends in every industry including the food industry. Interestingly, the searches for Filipino desserts have seen an extensive surge. The searches grew by 76 percent this year and the hype was created because of purple yam, organically grown in the Philippines. Ube has been successful in entering every ice cone, brownie, macaron, and every Instagram worthy dessert that has ever seized to exist. You see, if your insta-feed is filled with food searches, you definitely might have come across the ube-filled desserts.


Vegan comfort food

Speaking of vegan food, which started out as a simple plant-based diet and has seen several amendments in the past few years. The vegan version of comfort food will definitely ring a bell in your mind when you see the variety and flavor, vegan comfort food has to offer. So, those of you who don’t know what vegan food is, here’s what you need to learn. First and foremost, vegetables included as a part of the vegan culture are no longer a side dish. Because chefs believe that whatever we eat defines our body.


And the more healthy we eat the better our body will function. Precisely the reason why people are looking for healthier options. Thus, making it possible for chefs to include vegetables as the main part of the dish. So, you can expect more and more restaurants to come up with vegetarian dishes this year. And the good news is, if you are a vegetarian, you definitely need to look out for the vegan versions of the dishes.



Alongside vegan-based food, there is a surge in quasi-sobriety drinks. Such drinks help you miss a hangover and perhaps you can categorize them under the #wellness drinks or maybe not. However, the entire concept of creating drinks that can help you catch up with a yoga session after partying all night with your pets is bliss in disguise. No wonder people are rooting for this drink and they want more and more drinks with no alcohol in them. After all, you need a wonderful sleep after going to a party and a greater focus at work the next day. So, watch out for these mocktails this year and see what low-ABV cocktails have in store for you.


Foods and drinks with less added sugar

As you can see we have been mentioning foods that are good for your health. This also indicates that more and more people are inclined towards a healthier lifestyle. They want to stay fit and people often seek food with less added sugar. No wonder, food generating companies are looking for ways to decrease the sugar level in every food item. This also means that packed food labels will now become clearer and you will be seeing more labels like free from preservatives, gluten-free, or no added artificial substances, etc.


Not only this but we will also see food companies grappling to find an effective solution, especially for ingredients that are no longer trending. They might even hire people who are experts on healthy food ingredients. So, it is also a nice job opportunity. You can create an online profile with the help of a good online portfolio builder and allow potential clients to see how you are different from the rest. In addition to this, food companies will be looking forward to adding more healthier ingredients into their packed food items. So, watch out for the labels this year.