Canadian Festivals

6 Canadian Festivals You Should Not Miss

Winters are here, and it’s the time for festive events in the country. Canadian carnivals are known for their lights worldwide. And without any doubt, these light-oriented celebrations are complete fun. If, in any case, you’re planning a trip this winter, don’t miss the chance to enjoy Canadian fests. You’ll surely gain the life long memories from this light-full nation. These cold days celebrations are a complete joy for the residents of the country. Festivals of Canada gives it an identity, a unique character. We have enlisted some of the festivals of Canada that make every winter season memorable.

Cavalcade of Lights

The way Canadian artists play with lights in Toronto Cavalcade of views festival is beyond any comparison. This carnival is a month-long series of free events. That includes concerts, ice skating, and some more petty competitions. The major highlight of the festival is a Christmas tree decorated with around one hundred thousand lights. Additionally, this celebration marks the beginning of the holiday season in Toronto, Ontario. This year circus art, drinking parties, and a spectacular fireworks display will return in Cavalcade. If you want to get the experience, start to pack!

Montreal High Lights Festival

Undoubtedly, Canadians are in love with their energy sources. And the beauty is that they honor lights. Montreal High Lights Festival of Canada is already in the buzz from the last many years. The folks across the world also call it one of the biggest winter festivities. Precisely, food and drinks are the major draws for this festival. It is the largest culinary celebration in Canada, as every year, more than 800,000 people attend it. The party lasts long for eleven days, and it transforms the city into a giant colorful fiesta. 

Quebec City Winter 

Quebec City Winter

Quebec City winter is the best Canadian thing you can witness in the snow season. Quebec Carnival or Carnaval de Quebec is by far a family festival, which is the most significant factor for it. Some claim that it is the world’s biggest winter festival. Although it is a festival of French origin, we are pretty sure that everyone is welcomed to celebrate; thanks to the warm Canadian hospitality. The festival goes for 17 long days, from late January to early February. Quebec is decorated like historical Europe, and it gives you all the fun feels.

Carnival Winterlude 

Another winter festival and this one is a three-week-long celebration. This festival is famous in Ottawa, and Gatineau where the populace has been celebrating it for the last three decades. You will see a lot of hockey tournaments, skating rinks, ice sculptures, a hell lot of activities in the Snowflake Kingdom, and of course, in the Rideau Canal. For the first time, the festival was announced some 97 years ago, where Canadians constructed a vast Ice Palace in Cartier Square along with Ottawa City Hall. 

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Calgary Winterfest

Calgary Winterfest

Canadians like to celebrate all the possible things in this world, especially those who come in winters. Hence, whenever there is something related to winter, they’re always ready to embrace it. Calgarians call it the coolest festival of all. The ceremonies start with skating at Olympic Plaza. And then it turns out to be a zone of entertainment, tours, food and lots of old good-fashioned fun. Calgary Winterfest is all about embracing society and seniorhood. Some tourists also claim that one can enjoy the best youth circle in this fest.

Ice on Whyte 

Wow! The first word you’ll utter after witnessing the icy festival of Edmonton. Ice on Whyte festival is all about giving you glimpses of the snow world. Artists spend hours to make the perfect entrance for visitors. And I can bet that you haven’t seen such beautiful gates made up of ice your whole life. It feels like you are going to live in a Disney world where everything is about ice. Art lovers gather in the festival from all over the world, and they showcase their art by making different ice statues and sculptors. So, it is all beauty and incredibleness; your eyes are going to experience. 

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To summarize, I can say that there’s nothing like Canadian fests. People can forget all their worries by witnessing them all. Definitely, it won’t be possible to experience all the fests in one go. But, if you’re proposing a trip to North America, Canada’s winter celebrations are expecting your pleasure. Don’t miss them at all.