5 Best Cities to Live in California

Is the Golden State of the west finally calling your name? It’s perhaps the best thing that can happen to you! Whether you want a nice cultural scene, rolling waves of the Pacific, bright sunny days or a place with unlimited entertainment- California is the place to go!

But which city exactly are you gonna live in?

Well, you may move to any place you like, and you’ll fall in love with being there. However, the city where you should live depends on several factors, including your budget as well as your priorities.

Not able to decide which city will be the city of your dreams?

Don’t worry. Here is a list of five of the best cities you should consider while searching for a place to live in California.

Los Angeles

There is a reason why Los Angeles is called the city of dreams. This sprawling city of Southern California has something to offer to almost everyone. First of all, LA is the world’s biggest center of film and entertainment- Hollywood. From the industry’s most iconic Hall of Fame to so many huge production studios, LA has everything. In addition to this, the city has every amenity a person can think of and more. It has great scenic locations, amazing weather, stable markets, and whatnot, which make Los Angeles a great place to live. So, if you love being outdoors, enjoy visiting high-end restaurants with great food, and are looking for a truly cosmopolitan culture, LA is the way to go.

Santa Monica

All-time sweet sunny weather, nice and clean streets for walking, and the closeness to Los Angeles make Santa Monica a great destination for people who want to shift to California. This fantastic beach city is one of the top 100 places to live in the USA. And many demographic experts consider the city’s downtown to be one of the top 10 in the country.

The place can cost you a little on the higher side with an average price of a house around $2M. However, in return, you get every high-end amenity, year-round warm temperatures, and some breathtaking beaches. Plus, you won’t have any space constraint whether you need a big kitchen or a nice lawn in front of your house.

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San Francisco

San Francisco, which is currently home to around 900 thousand people and growing, is perhaps one of the most beloved cities of America. The place is really famous for its amazing attractions, which include the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, Alcatraz Island, and many more. And if you’re really thinking of moving to San Francisco, you’d be glad to know that the city has been ranked 10th among the happiest cities to live in the whole USA. San Francisco also has an amazing environment, some great restaurants, a nice and settled housing market, and a spiking job market. The city ranks at number 34 in the list of the best cities for job seekers in the US.


Wanna live in the second happiest place in America? Here we are!

irvine city council

Located in the Orange County of California, the city of Irvine is really famous for its thriving job market, safe and family-friendly environment, and really lovely weather. Plus, you can find every amenity you may need without any trouble here. All these things make Irvine a great place to live.

This has perhaps been made possible by the efforts of the leaders of the place. Recently, I had an opportunity to meet Ms. Diana Jiang, who’s living in this city for the past 25 years and is contesting in Irvine City Council elections this year. She said that she is proud to be a resident of Irvine and is dedicatedly working to take the city to the top of the happiness index.

San Jose

Are you looking for a happy and slightly affordable place to call home? San Jose is the place for you to live. In fact, according to the latest data, the city is the eighth happiest place in the whole of America. Plus, it also ranks on top for its residents’ overall physical and emotional well-being.

Demographic experts say that San Jose is extremely livable, as it can provide you with top-class amenities, great market access, and a growing job market. The city also has an amazing population growth rate. And you can easily find a pet-friendly neighborhood if you are moving with your four-legged friend.

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These were a few of my favorite places in California that I would move to if I get a chance. If this post helped you even a little with your destination hunting, do tell me. I’d be really glad to hear from you.