4 Secrets of a good Smelling House

Every place has a unique scent. But why do you always remember a place with a good smell? Believe it or not, it’s because you want your dorm or apartment to smell like that. It is a fact that if you recall a  place, the first thing would be the smell and vibe of the place. So if you’re determined to live in a fresh-smelling room, you need to keep several points in mind. A small change will never make your place well-scented.


We all have tried scented candles to make the house smell good.

I’ve been there too. It’s only some of the candles that make your space smell good if it’s lit. You need to have a specific home scent strategy to make your place the Best Smelling.

Subtle Scents

Diffusers or candles are not the only options to have a fresh-smelling house. There are DIYs that you should try to have a good smell throughout the house.

The first one is making a fabric refresher spray. You just need half a cup of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. In that mixture add 1 teaspoon of cornstarch, and 20 drops of your favorite oil. Now, your fabric spray is ready. You can mist all your dry clothes with this. Bedsheets, cushions, or anything else will always smell fresh after you open them.

An easier way to make your cupboard or drawer smell good is by filling the coffee filters with baking soda and essential oil. In some time, it will refresh the space making you open them again and again.

If you want your entire space to smell the same, try making a few mixes and select the one that will please all the family members. You’ll love it when your friends will ask about the divine aroma in your home. And, then you’ll explain that its an amalgamation of vanilla, berries, or something.

Indoor Plants

To breathe clean air in the house, indoor plants with pleasant smells are the best options. Select from jasmine, eucalyptus, and other options to have a good fragrance.

Yes, it needs some care, but they beautify the place adding a fresh vibe. Even in the harshest winters, the sweet-smelling plants will leave a refreshing aroma. Try to place them near a window and see how an entire apartment is full of their aroma. The nostalgic perfume of the flowers of some of the indoor plants makes them the finest indoor plants.

More Forest Smell

It’s always the woodier smells that work better and last longer than the fruity ones. That doesn’t mean you have to make it smell exactly like a campsite. Even some woody smell would elevate the freshness of your area. This smell is generally linked with the general feeling of energy and relaxation. It is quite safe for people who are sensitive to strong smells. You’ll get a lot of compliments for these smells.

Woods, florals, and citrus act as the perfect mood booster with their impactful and long-lasting scents. So don’t go overboard to create a smell that won’t last long.

Moreover, natural smells can be easily customized. So, it’s great to be in a place whose aroma is not overpowering. And, all would agree that a great smell makes the conversations better.

Pet Odors

If you have a pet that doesn’t mean your entire house should smell like a pound.

You don’t have to get accustomed to that stubborn odor, there are ways to fix it. Keep the house clean to eliminate any hidden sources of bad smell. To remove the pet hair, brush your dog and vacuum rugs and carpets regularly. Clean the mess created by them at the earliest before odor takes over. Carbon stain and odor remover with oxy-powered formula are quite effective in removing the unlovely odor. They are easy to use and remove the excess on the carpets, and rugs. However, the best way to conquer them is by cleaning the time it happens. It is an easy and effective way to wipe down the smells and have even better fresh scents in your place.

The odor neutralizes after some time. And, the guests won’t complain about the smell of your furry friends.


Now you don’t need to buy new candles or spray stuff that doesn’t even last long. Get some lovely indoor plants to make your home smell as good as it looks. After regular pruning, you’ll be rewarded with equally beautiful plants. The distinctive tropical smell puts off a lovely scent in the entire house. In other words, to have a long-lasting smell, get more indoor plants. As an added bonus, you can use the mint leaves to lemon to make your drinks better.

With this, keep the house clean and clear anything with the false smell as soon as possible.