Workplace Demographics: What Job Hunters Really Want

what job hunters really want

If you asked job hunters what was the single most important element in a job — the non-negotiable — what they answered might upend your expectations of age-related differences.  We did just that and here’s what we learned.  We asked 100 people over 35 and 125 under 35 what was the single most important element in a job.  Here’s what job hunters really want:

Over 35:  Permanence.  “I want a job that’s long-term and I’ll take less money to get it.

Under 35:  Money is most important.  “I will do anything for more money than I’m making now.”  (We assume not anything but we’re not sure.”)

Three people under 35 mentioned a reasonable boss.  No one over 35 did.  Six people over 35 mentioned a mentor but they were career changers.

If you were in HR and wondering why the current crop of applicants was uninspired and uninspiring you might want to question management assumptions about the Great Recession’s effect on wants and expectations.  We are going to explore this further.  Stay tuned.

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