There Are No Jobs in My field! Strategies for a New Graduate

no jobs in my field

Q.  I graduated college at the end of summer.  Despite using every resource I can think of I can’t get a job in my field!  I want a job in consumer marketing.  Each time I apply I either hear nothing or I am told I don’t have enough experience.  How do I get experience if no one will hire me? What should I do next?

A.  Marketing is big, wide, and deep.  Are you more interested in a specific company or a function? What products are you interested in? You can not get a general marketing job.   I’m assuming you have a portfolio of your work.  If not, create one.  Pick a product you like and create a campaign for it, including social media.  Have you attended association meetings regularly?  Start with your local chapter of the American Marketing Association.  Check their website for information.  People who could recommend you, or even hire you, will be there.  An association exists for any job you can think of.  Check the AMA website for information.  Have you truly worked your alumni network as in contacting any/everyone who works in marketing or for a company you’d be interested in?  That could be hundreds of people to contact.  Are you in a city that has jobs in your field?  For example, if you are interested in consumer magazines you must be in New York City.  If you wanted to work in the movie industry it’s Los Angeles.  Are there a number of consumer product companies where you are?  Rethink your campaign to date to make sure you haven’t missed opportunities or assumed you can do what you want without relocating.  Have you considered a post-graduate internship?  You must keep at your campaign despite the Great Recession.  Work part-time at the closest job you can get to your ideal while you continue to look for what you want.

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