Are You Making the Most of Skills Building on the Job?

On-the-job skills building is crucial for employees today.  Consider adopting some of these techniques to improve performance, manage difficult situations, and earn more money.

Skills building on the job is critical to future success

Can You Negotiate a Sabbatical Now?  If you are considering  a sabbatical,  follow these steps for a successful transition.

Is Plastic Surgery a Realistic Option?   Consider whether looking younger would help your career.  “Dance 10, Looks 3.”

Skip the Sideshow.  Figure out the real political landscape and practices used  in your office.

Fighting Money Squeeze Plays.  Fight money squeeze plays at your performance review with these tips.

Is Smart Better than Willing?   When does being willing to do something trump proven  skill at a task?

My Boss Plays Favorites and I’m Not One.   How important is it to be a boss’s favorite?

Turned Down for Promotion Twice: What’s the Message?   When do you decide to throw in the towel and get a job with a different organization?

Managing Your Performance Review.  Here’s how to influence your boss during a poor performance review.

Boomers: How Long Will You Work Full-Time?  Should Millennials consider companies with fewer Boomers if the former want to advance?

Should You Ask for a Raise?  How to ask your boss for a raise when money is tight and he/she is “holding the line.”

What “There’s No More Money” Really Means.  Is it organizational cheapness or poor performance that is blocking your raise?

It’s Always About the Money.  No one works for fun.  Here’s why you shouldn’t either.

Can I Quit the Job Now?   Of course, if you can afford it.  Here are the issues to consider.

On Your Way Out? Be Positively Memorable.  Insure that when you meet former bosses and co-workers at other organization they will remember you fondly.

What Audiences Tell You About Your Presentation.   Here are tips for getting useful feedback from an audience.

Do You Take Your Own Career Advice? Some who give career advice break their own rules.

Givers, Takers, Movers and Shakers.    Here are the  traits of four groups of your coworkers.

Boomers, Approaching Poverty, and Career Choice. Boomers face rough economic times and retirement seems distant. Here are the important financial questions that must be answered.

Are You Fiddling While Rome Burns? Could your job go away?  What can you do now to protect yourself?

What Does a Career Star Look/Act Like?  Here’s an inside look at career stars.  You could be one!.

The Benefits of a Killer Work Ethics. Different demographic groups have varying definitions of  what constitutes a work ethic.  Where do you fit?

Lifestyle Versus Career Passion: Amping the Odds for Success.  Learn how to decide what’s most important to you.  It’s not as simple as it sounds.

HR Follies: Chasing the Millennials. HR professionals need new hiring strategies to attract and retain Millennials.

Boomers, Busters and Money.  How has the Great Recession had an impact on Boomers and their children?

Are the Boomers Retiring or Not?   What are Boomers thinking about retirement and what should they be doing?

Are You Maxing Out the Value of Your Thank You’s? Discover the best way to make thank you notes advance your career.

Is Smart Better Than Willing?  Why doesn’t the smartest person get the job every time?

Common Career Expectations That are Beyond Unrealistic.  What career fantasies are denting your real-time possibilities?

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