Resurrecting a Dead Job Hunt

failing job search

May was a busy month with graduations, weddings, and endless diversions and you were among the diverted.  Your “sell by” date (the end of severance) is July 1.  You haven’t made a call, sent an email or resume, since April.  A chill wind is blowing from two directions:  how do you explain your lack of effort, not to mention progress, over eight weeks and what will you do for money in another four weeks?

If I gave you even a dozen variations on this disaster you would understand how often hard-working, desperate job hunters fall off the rail.  Maintaining momentum is the hardest part of a job hunt and the hardest to hire someone to do for you!  For every day that you don’t make calls, send emails, or research possible employers it will take you two or three to get back up to speed.  Why?  Because job hunting is stressful, ugly, humiliating and akin to spending all eternity in a singles bar being ignored by all but fellow losers.

Here are steps to recharge yourself and restart your failing job search with a bang.

1.  Work two days a week at any paying job.  It will boost your morale.  Trust me.

2.  Contact everyone you haven’t talked to in six months and include a note on how much you appreciate past help.  Ask, again, “Who should I be talking to now?”  You will get some new names.

4.  Email everyone you haven’t seen in a year with a resume and cover letter.  Did you think your “old” contacts were in a storage facility?  They have gotten on with their lives and may be in a better position to help you than they were a year ago.

5.  Re-contact out-of-town folk even thought you want a job where you live.  Don’t you know of companies who are hiring far from where you are?  Other people do too.

6.  Amp up your use of LinkedIn, especially if you’re over 55.  Lots of your peers and competition won’t be there.

7.  Make your to do list last thing before you go to bed.   Let your unconscious work on it while you sleep.  This does work according to clients who’ve been in long-term searches.

8.  Drop your current job support group and find another.  You need fresh input and different people.

It takes 400 contacts to generate 10 live job leads followed by five interviews and two offers.  How quickly can you make the numbers work for you?

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