Use These Resume Tips for Better, Quicker Results

Everyone stresses over his/her resume.  Is it competitive — whatever that means?  What are the hot terms to use?  (There aren’t any, just cliches.)  Never stop updating and tweeking yours.  You will shorten your job hunt and be more persusive in interviews.  There is no better way to make sure you cover all your selling points than regularly reviewing what you’re putting out there about yourself.  Is this too obvious?  Why, then, do we see so many resumes that haven’t been revised in more than five years?   Check out these resume tips to improve your talking paper.

resume tips

Writing a Talking Paper aka a Resume. Build better focus into your resume with these strategies

Do You Have a Job Objective On Your Resume?  If the reader doesn’t know what you want you’re out of consideration!

Can a Resume Be Too Long? Fitting the resume to your experience makes the resume more compelling.  It may take several pages to tell your story.

Not Job Hunting? Update Your Resume Anyway.   Here are many reasons to update your resume every year.

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