Office Relationships

Here are some truths about the tricky side of office relationships that, once you understand them, will change how you work with and think about co-workers.  Check out these blog posts.

office relationships

Building and maintaining good working relationships is tricky.  It’s like family politics without the blood ties.  Effectively navigate office relationships with these helpful tips.

My Enemies Are Proliferating  If your boss thinks you’re not fully committed to him/her and/or the organization try these strategies.

But Are They Sincere? Sincerity in the workplace creates a cross-generational divide. Read how Boomers and their young counterparts differ on this issue.

Joe Paterno and the Price of Silence.   Here is a textbook case of mismanaged organizational politics and a cautionary tale for those who think silence is golden.

Does A New Boss Have To Mean Misery?   If you approach a new boss properly he/she is likely to become an ally.  Use these strategies

Is This Sexual Politics? Find out why/how it could be.

The Fine Art of Starting a Job.  Get off on the right foot the first day of your new job and you’ll have fewer problems later.

Do The Bad Guys Ever Get Caught?  Bad behavior is often overlooked, but organizational justice will prevail.  Here’s the underbelly of office politics.

Anonymity Doesn’t Exist! Learn how to handle employee surveys at your company, especially if it’s promised they are confidential.

Patching Up an Office Spat Learn how to patch up relationships after an office argument.

What skill set do you really need? Discover the hidden skills needed in office politics.

Office Politics 4.0 Marilyn Moats Kennedy, career consultant, writes at Cheeky Chicago about priorities when navigating the world of office politics.

Office Politics 4.0: Reverse Performance Appraisal A reader at Cheeky Chicago asks Marilyn Moats Kennedy, career consultant, how to handle her supervisor asking for feedback on their performance during your performance review.

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