Office Parties and Socializing – Mind Your Office Politics Etiquette

Unavoidable and often required, taking part in office parties is an important component of workplace socializing.  The holidays are coming and your co-workers love the idea of drinking at someone else’s expense.  If you dread the potential political fallout read these useful blog posts.

office parties

An inevitable part of office life, learning to socialize with coworkers — without political damage — is essential.

Office Parties and Socializing

Enforced Workplace Socializing A reader asks about enforced workplace socializing. It’s common and uncomfortable.  Here’s what to do.

Desultory Huggers and Air Kissers.  Consider the politics of modern-day hypocrites.  Does it pay to be one?

The 10 Miseries of the Christmas Season.  Lessen the pre-holiday social pain with these strategies.  You can’t run and you can’t hide so strategize

The unholy Christmas Party.   You have to attend the party, here’s why and how to make it worth your time.  Hint:  You will start the new year far ahead of your competitors.

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