Career Strategies: My Job Hunting Strategy Is Not Working. Help!

Q.  I have been looking for a new job for six months.  So far I have had six interviews but no offers.  I have no idea why what I’m doing isn’t working.  I know the economy is bad but this is ridiculous.  People with my skills are getting hired and I’m just getting discouraged.  What should I be doing?

job hunting strategy is not working

A.   There are only five possible problems.  Check your resume.  Does it have a strong job objective?  Example:  Manager, Social Media for a Fortune 500 company in the Chicago Loop.  Yes, that specific!  Otherwise you are seen as unfocused which is the worst think you could be.  Remember the college graduate whose job objective was:  Public Relations or Marketing.  She did not get interviews, much less offers.

If you are satisfied with the specificity of your resume consider interviewing skills.  Since most initial interviews are via telephone always stand when you talk on the telephone so you project energy.  Did you present your best, preferred skills early in the interview?  Did you express enthusiasm for the organization and the position?

What kind of networking are you doing?  Are you attending your association meetings and alumni meetings regularly?  Do you approach people you don’t know when you’re there or are you talking to people you already know?  That is not useful.  Plan to meet ten new people at each meeting.  If you know everyone, find another association.  There is no such thing as a throw away contact.

Do you follow up?  Do you call/email every two weeks to ask how the search is going?  If not you will not appear on the short list.  In this economic climate why would a manager hire anyone who wasn’t wildly enthused?  There are too many good people out there.  Contact anyone you haven’t heard from in three months.  A little known fact:  Fully 15 percent of new hires leave the job within three months.

Do you follow interviews with hand written notes?  You should.  It makes you stand out from the pack.  Everyone else is sending emails.  Be a contrarian and send notes.

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