Job Interview Articles: 5 Great Ones to Amp Your Job Search

Great interviews make or break job hunts.  Have many people do you know who recount blown interviews as their worst nightmares?   Here are some great job interview articles and tips just to refresh your memory.

job interview articles

Tough Interview Questions to Prepare For.  Don’t be caught unprepared to answer tough questions.  You’ll get them.

Are You Reprising Yourself?   Can you present a coherent statement that summarizes your career history?  You will be asked to!

Don’t Blow the Interview in the Last 10 Seconds. Look your best at your job interview. Avoid common dress mistakes that can cost you a second interview or even an offer.

The Blown Interview.  You can campaign for another interview after a bad first interview.  It’s not hopeless.  Consider these strategies.

A Good Interview is Tennis – Not Basketball.  Interviewees should focus on a tennis metaphor rather than  one from basketball one during the job interview.

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