Generational Differences in Social Values – Take-Aways for Managers

If you knew how much people’s values and world views had changed in just the last decade you might not have been as surprised as the Republicans were by the election.  What we are learning through interviewing is that there is not one definition of what community involvement and service mean.  As a manager wanting employee “involvement” a.k.a contributions to causes it’s important to see generational differences in social values.

Generational differences in social values

Managers who expect younger workers to be swayed by emotional pleas will be disappointed.  Pressure doesn’t work either as Millennials don’t care what their peers are doing.  They won’t respond to hidden threats of ””letting down the side.”  Indeed, more than 60 percent of twentysomethings tell us they will found their own foundations when they have the money.  The ultimate status is a Gates-style foundation.  First-line managers may want to pass this information up the chain of command so the CEO isn’t mortified by employee rejection of his favorite charities.  It would also be nice if some ‘mainstream” charities started investigating why their futures are guarded at best.


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