Demographics: Who Are You Calling Old?

When my great aunt was 94 and my mother was 64 Aunt Eula used to say to my mother, “Why Georgia you’re a young woman!  Why do you think you’re tired?” One clear trend  is that the age at which someone can be called old has increased exponentially just since 2000.  Here are some facts that demonstrate why “old” is a moving target and the impact of aging on the society.

who are you calling old

The average age of women in fertility treatment is 45.  Remember “Life Begins at 40?”  An increasing number of women aren’t in a long-term relationship at 40 so having children between 40-50 seems reasonable.   The oldest woman in treatment is usually between 50-55. Single parents will be an important interest group.  All PTA meetings will be in the evening and sparsely attended.

Age discrimination begins at age 60, not 40.  As the Boomers work  full-time past age 70 (they can’t get social security until 66+) they will still be a very large cohort trying to influence Congress which also has an interest in staying on the job.

Six-bedroom homes become assisted living homes for eightysomethings.  They replace “retirement” homes which are loathed by Boomers.  Ramps and elevators, not stairs.

The fastest growing businesses after 2015 will be those who protect privacy.  There is a growing fear among Boomers that all details about anyone are available on the web if you know about web research.

Telecommuting will be common and companies will expect people to work outside the office.  It’s not about gas prices as much as the Boomers desire to work from wherever they happen to be.  This may be why Boomers want to spend all eternity in the Cheers bar.  If they are alone during the day they have to socialize at night.  Forty percent will be single and working from home.

If you started a business tomorrow you’d need to thoroughly research what an aging population would do to/for your idea.  I see a future for assisted living facilities that also house new college graduates and families.  The most important change the Boomers will make to society is a mass refusal to be isolated with people their own age.

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