Demographics: Foodies Take a New Turn

Foodies from the Boomer Generation

Do you remember people born before the 1940’s?  So many of them had bad teeth or false teeth which clearly influenced food choice.  They liked soft foods which were not always the healthiest choices.  We were surveying 100 Boomers last summer about food preferences and here’s what we found out.  Note:  This data is not science.  It is intended to help us decide what to study next.

1.  There are two kinds of emergent Foodies:  Health nuts and Adventurious eaters.  The two groups don’t seem to behave consistently.  Boomers (born 1946-1959) are experimenting with Veganism.  Younger people seem committed to healthy food, however defined, with occasional forays into fad cuisine.

2.  The Boomers will spend more money on food as they age.  Since they aren’t going to retire until their mid-70s, they have the money to do so.  Many restaurants seem oblivious to the dollars they will miss by ignoring older consumers.  Example:  How many restaurants have restrooms reachable only by stairs when at least a third of Boomers have ongoing knee pain.  What’s the strategy in that?

3.  Boomers will always want to be pampered, catered to, and visibly loved.  I don’t see the food business, all branches, in a collective head-lomg rush after younger consumers marketing to Boomers effectively.

The tail on this tale:  Restaurants who want regular customers, food products who want the largest demographic (Boomers) as customers need to rethink strategy.  Making people feel old or irrelevant when they have money to spend seems really dumb.

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