Career Strategies: What If You Lack The Right Job Experience?

An article of faith with HR folk is that if you’ve done the exact job they are recruiting for it’s the best guarantee you’ll be able to do the job for them.  Like most stereotypes, there is some truth in this.  However, it almost guarantees that the person hired won’t have enough room to grow in the job.  If the organization’s strategy is to turn over certain jobs every three or four years it’s a winner.  However, if it’s to add leavening and new ideas to the organization it’s a loser.lack job experience

That’s where you come in.  If you don’t have years of experience doing the exact job, but after careful research, it’s your dream job you need a plan for convincing HR and the hirer you bring extras to the party.  Here’s how to do it if you lack job experience.

Do a project for a not-for-profit that demonstrates your ability to get the result in the job you want.  Remember that a not-for-profit has much worse office politics than a company not to mention volunteers.  If you can get excellent results under those conditions you will be even better in a company.

Take a short-term consulting assignment that shows you can do the job.  It doesn’t matter what you’d paid for a three-month assignment if it develops the skills you need for your dream job.

Learn the industry jargon through the trade press and trade associations.  If you don’t speak the industry language (probably fewer than 100 terms) how can you overcome scepticism that you can do the job?

Identify the company or industry stars.  Get their biographies on LinkedIn or from company public relations departments.  A biography is a resume in prose.  If several stars have the same education and experience background as the stars it strengthens the case.  It will also dispel any myths about who the company promotes.  Beware the organization who tries to recruit IT people by promising them a rapid rise.  Bios of the top five officers show all came from sales and marketing.  Can you spell dead-end for  IT people any  more clearly?

You won’t make the sale to every recruiter or hirer you talk to.  Networking can help if someone who’s done the job at the company considers you qualified.  You will spend hours finding contacts through the industry association before you find the one who helps you.  All this effort will serve you when you pursue the job after next and unless this is your pre-retirement job there will be another one.

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