Career Strategies: Questions to Ask a Career Planner

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Anyone can put his/her hand on a rock and declare that he/she is a career coach.  The problem is separating people with fantasies from people who have methodology to help you.  Here are some questions to ask.

1.  How do you help people focus on what to do next?  There must be a set of exercises, a process, some way of narrowing all possibilities to two or three to be explored.  You can’t explore anything.

2.  How long have you been doing career planning full-time and who trained you?  Hand-on-the-rock or a certificate of dubious origin is not convincing.  If this person is new to the field get references from him/her and check them.  Always ask for someone who wasn’t satisfied.  That isn’t necessarily a deal breaker but I’d want to know why he/she wasn’t satisfied.

3.  What organizations do you belong to or network with?  Beware the lone wolf who’s thinking up the answers to practical questions alone.  A wide circle of people from psychologists to HR types is necessary .

4.  What is your greatest strength as a career planner?  The answer I’d like to hear is, “I’ve successfully reinvented myself many times.  I do regularly what I tell my clients to do.”

I could go on and on but you get the idea.  It’s important to work with someone who knows more about career planning and job hunting than you do.  The tail on the tale is that practice trumps theory every time.

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