Career Strategies: Not Job Hunting? Update Your Resume Anyway!

You love your job.  Your boss is a saint.  You got a decent raise in January.  Isn’t now the best time ever to relax and revel in what you have?  Did you ever hear that nemesis inevitably follows hubris?  It’s true.  Here are some reasons to review your resume at least once a year even if you’re blissfully happy.

keep resume updated

1.  The minute you coast in your job you’re in danger.  The best way to detect whether you’re forging ahead or coasting is to look at your resume.  Are you reprising yourself?  What new accomplishments, new skills, new anything can you record since last year?  If the answer is “nothing” you are in trouble even if you got a raise in January.   As long as you are a wage slave you have to worry about new fodder for your resume.  When you are self-employed the market forces change.

2.  What if a recruiter calls you with your dream job and wants an email copy of your resume pronto but it hasn’t been updated in three years?  I have clients whose resumes are so old it would take a major overhaul just to make them current.  Don’t be one of those.  You need to be able to email a resume within 24 hours.

3.  Resumes help you rank your accomplishments your competitors — anyone doing the same or similar job in a competitive organization.  Everyone has competition, don’t tell yourself your job is unique or your skills are unique.  Ask to see the resumes of friends in similar positions and show them yours.  If there isn’t significant overlap some, or all, may be flirting with obsolescence.  Remember the most awful, career-killing question you can be asked in an interview:  “Do you have ten years experience or one year repeated nine times?”  Unless you have a spirited response — the facts of which should be on your resume — the interview is over.

4.  If you look at your resume what experience is missing?  What kinds of assignments or skills development do you lack?  We care nothing about what your boss thinks.  If you lack skills other people doing the same job have get a mentor or take a course.  Trade skills training with others.  Close the gap right now.

5.  Would you hire yourself?  Are you impressed with your resume?  Is it inclusive, comprehensive, and compelling?  If you’re not impressed with what you’ve done, why should someone else be?  One way to give it more power is to change all state-of-being verbs such as are, is, were, etc., to action verbs, such as lead the team, positioned, saved, etc.  That one change adds energy and immediacy to what you’ve done.

Finally, a resume should only include what you did that you want to do again.  Nothing confuses a hirer more than a candidate who answers each question with, “I’m really good at that but it’s not what I want to do next.”  Why is it on your resume?  Don’t mistake your memoirs for your resume.  Make a resolution: Keep resume updated.

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