Career Strategies for the Last Quarter of 2012

Is your career in order in the last quarter?  It’s not a minute too soon to begin gathering evidence of what you’ve accomplished and why the organization should pay more next year for your services.  It’s not a minute too early to revise your resume in preparation for a post-election hiring boom.  (If one doesn’t occur you still need to update your resume.)  Here are my most important last quarter tasks.

Career strategies for 2012

1.  Add  your most important accomplishments to your resume.  Write at least one page about what you’ve learned, done, worked hard on this year.  If you wait until January you may forget what was important, new, or enhanced.  If you expect a performance appraisal in the first quarter get ready now.

2.  Be sure to attend the three remaining meetings of your professional society or association.  Traditionally, there are many in attendance you won’t meet in January.  Do not even consider skipping any work-related holiday party.  At the least slink in and work the room.  Out of sight is always out of mind.

3.  Contact any serious business contact you haven’t heard from in the past six months.  I know you’re not job hunting.  It doesn’t matter.  You could be at any time.  What do you say to people you haven’t talked to in a year?  Say what you’d say if you’d been in monthly contact.

4.  Consider what changes to your appearance might benefit your career.  Between Thanksgiving and Christmas give a gift of an update to you!

5.  Read a book — or at least the executive summary — that’s work related and could add to your knowledge or skills.

6.  Consider a mini-course or webinar to enhance your skills/knowledge.  Don’t wait until you’re desperate for the content.

7.  Mentor someone who needs your help.  You might think this is altruistic but you’ll learn as much as you give.

8.  Review your pension and savings plans.  Are you on track?  If not, why not and what are you going to do about it?  Being poor is always hell but it’s Dantian when you’re also old.

Finally,  what if you made some career resolutions before the end of the year and executed them?  It would leave you more time for personal resolutions in the new year.


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