Career Strategies: Don’t Blow the Interview in the Last 10 Seconds

Have you looked in a mirror recently?  Not at your face but the back of you.  If not, you have an excellent opportunity to “blow” the interview when you turn to leave.  What we see are unpolished shoes with scuffed, run-down heels, briefcases howling for a decent burial, wrinkled skirts and pants, with spots on them, no less! Do not wear anything you’d be embarrassed to donate to charity.  The Great Recession may get better but your personal Recession won’t end if you turn off hirers with poor grooming.  Clothes and shoes can be old, but they must be immaculate, so said the Duchess of Windsor.  Carrying a shabby briefcase is worse than none at all.  Ditto, backpacks. (If you are older than 18 please don’t take a backpack to an interview unless you want to be tagged Hopelessly Young.)  There are great buys at resale shops not to mention Good Will and Salvation Army stores.  We just surveyed the West Loop Good Will and they had several almost-new briefcases for $6.99.  Our reporters say the Salvation Army stores are equally well stocked.

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