Career Strategies: Boomers, Millennials, and Job Misery

For all you trapped in miserable jobs, suffering psychic pain,  you’ll be delighted (sic) to hear that job-related suffering is age related!  You may recognize your own misery but be sure someone 20 years older or younger is just fine.  If you knew the person was also miserable you might cut him/her slack for being snarly rather than assume it’s personal animosity.

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Boomers (born 1946-1959)  suffer with drama.  They display angst and will tell anyone who will listen — and many who won’t — that they are having a hard time, the boss is crazy, the company is on the ropes.  They even put  inflammatory stuff in the office grapevine. For those not familiar with the grapevine it’s what people used to embarrass themselves and hurt their careers before the social media.  Now the social media help people hurt themselves before a much wider audience.  Boomers believe that no one should suffer silently and that complaining will stop the pain.

Millennials (born since 1978) tend to put their heads down and work harder while in pain.  They do not complain and, if they do, rarely to anyone in the office.  Most have learned that Facebook isn’t the best outlet so they keep complaints private — or think they do. They email friends about their miseries.  What confounds their Boomer bosses is that they give no notice that they are miserable.  They remove themselves from the job as quickly as possible or did before the Great Recession.

As the Great Recession lingers people practice inertia.  It may be time to rethink the where and why of your misery.  Are you sure a job hunt wouldn’t be worth it?  I have clients who seem to relish pain.  That’s not productive and may require therapy.  The point:  If you are in pain, address it today.  Why, regardless of age, wouldn’t you identify the source of your misery and work 24/7 to change it?  The boss is a jerk and your co-workers are witless wonders.  I’m not worried about them.  I’m worried about you.  If this is your reality (there is no truth in such situations, only perception) why aren’t you actively changing your circumstances?  Are you testing to see how much psychic pain you can endure?  Why?

Never kid yourself about job misery, any more than you’d kid yourself about physical pain.  If your tooth hurts you see a dentist.  If your job makes you more miserable than a tooth ache address the cause.  Is this too obvious?  Then why do clients call and tell me it’s an emergency and they need to talk today when, I find out later, they’ve been in a horrible job situation for two years?  Sooner is always better.  At the first twinge ask yourself what isn’t working and what options you should explore.  Therapy is expensive and time-consuming.  My experience is that clients know what is making them miserable but they hope it would go away.  It never does without action on the client’s part.

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