Career Strategies: After Job Interview Tactics

Considering the amount of angst job hunters suffer before interviews, why — once the thank you note is sent — do they do nothing more?  When we talk to HR types and recruiters they tell us that job hunters miss several opportunities to replant themselves on the hirer’s frontal lobe.  Here are some tactics that work.

Interview followup - job interview tips

Email the hirer a link to an article which touches on what you talked about in the interview.  We are all inundated with unedited material which we can’t bother to read.  If someone sends me a link to an article they think I need/want to read I will look at it!  Who wouldn’t?

Email the hirer a paragraph of surprising data or evidence that supports the organization’s strategy as discussed in the interview.   Again, who wouldn’t want to know that they are supported in the approach they’ve taken?

Leave a voice mail explaining that, on reflection, you remembered that you had done a project of the kind the hirer had described — and successfully.  Would the hirer like to see an outline (non-proprietary) of what you did?  This will help you gauge whether you are in contention or have already been eliminated which you want to know.

Email the name of a colleague or former colleague who had a skill set the hirer might find useful.  Is there anything more flattering than knowing a candidate was so impressed with the organization/ hirer that he/she would recommend someone to the former?

Wait two weeks and email some ideas to the hirer that show you’ve really thought of how you might be useful.  Do this even if you have received a rejection letter.  In this job market, nothing is final.  This is especially true of entry-level positions.

The point is to gently remind the hirer that you are serious about the job without using those words.  Our experience is that anything that makes you memorable moves you ahead of other candidates.

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