Millennials’ Devices: Indicator for Obsolescence of Boomer Job Hunters?

boomer obsolescence

Don’t think of this list of Millennials’ devices as possible gifts for young relatives.

As a Boomer (born 1946-1959) of my acquaintance pointed out, “This is what the competition is buying.”  Maybe it’s even an indicator of Boomer obsolescence?

How many of these devices can confer a competitive advantage?  More than you might imagine.  As an HR person pointed out, ” Is there a better gauge of gathering obsolescence than a lack of technology? One of my favorite questions to candidates is whether they have a tablet and/or how many apps they use.”

He reported that applicants for jobs with high tech companies reported fewer than 10 apps and 50 percent said they were thinking about a tablet.

This is not science but it should be a wake-up call for all those Boomers stoned on “people skills” and well-aged MBAs.

Maybe the Millennials are changing the workplace one toy at a time.

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