The Boomer Generation – Workplace Issues and Retirement Challenges

One of the most unique generations of our time, Boomers face different workplace challenges, especially as retirement looms — or doesn’t!  How many Boomers will really call it quits when many have used their homes at ATMs?   Read more about the Boomer generation and consider how this huge group’s behavior can have an impact on what you do..

boomer generation

Boomers Turn 65 @ 7000 per Day. An estimated 7,000 Boomers turn 65 every day. Recognize how Boomers reaching retirement age changes the workplace.

Boomers, Money, and the Future. Boomers are known for spending rather than saving money, but the economy has changed that. Discover trends marketers must take into account to reach this demographic.

What If Nobody Moves On?  What will Millennials and Gen X do when Boomers  stay in jobs longer?  It will have a profound affect on the workplace.

Rethinking Retirement. Boomers must rethink retirement during the Great Recession or face poverty 30 years from now.  Good news:  That doesn’t mean staying in the same job, just making money.

Boomers’ Management Fantasies That Never Come True. Boomers believe many management myths that reflect their values and world view.  They hate when the young don’t agree.

Managing Conflicting Expectations. Boomers and twentysomethings have clashing workplace expectations.  Anyone in a cross-generation office needs to know what others think.

What Happens When the Boomers Don’t Move On?  Another look at the Boomers’ refusal to march toward the exit.

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