Are You a Desperate Job Hunter or DESPERATE?

desperate job hunter

You’ve been unemployed for six months.  Imagine that in 60 days you will be completely out of money, unable to pay your bills, dependent on family or friends for loans.  You wouldn’t even have money for bus fare.  What would you do differently?  Right now you’re working at your job hunt 30 hours a week.  You’re networking, meeting people for coffee, attending association meetings, and getting names from LinkedIn and your alumni association.  In my scenario that’s not nearly enough.  If you were truly anxious to be employed here’s what you would do.

1.  Get a weekend job.  It can be any job that pays the minimum wage or more!  Work as a temp two or three days a week.  Any job that doesn’t interfere with your job hunt and generates cash flow works.  Even if you didn’t need the money I’d suggest this.  Few people have the ego strength to spend 60 hours a week on a job hunt.  Most need some positive affirmation, as well as money, which a weekend job can provide.

2.  Expand the hours you work at job hunting.  Nine to five is so last century.  You can find people in their offices at early as 7 a.m. and after 7 p.m. as well.  One client reported more calls taken early and late and none during the middle of the day.  Try it.  What can you lose?

3.  Re-contact everyone you haven’t talked to in three months.  In this market, a week can be situation-changing.  The new hire who was on the job three months and walked, the unexpected retire whose job no one has yet attempted to fill, the unexpected medical leave for a key employee are all opportunities for diligent job hunters.

4.  Consider a short-term job and keep looking.  Serious professionals dis this strategy because what if your dream job appeared during the short-term job?  You’d quit and take the dream job, of course!  However, if you’re in a smaller community that may not happen as quickly as you’d expect.  The number of openings may be geographically limited.

5.  Cut expenses further.  Don’t even pretend to yourself that you’ve done all you can.  When the pantry is bare and the car on empty you’ve done it all.  Sell things you don’t need.  What do you need that you wouldn’t enjoy as much six months from now?

6.  Barter for things you need.  I have clients who’ve gotten help they couldn’t afford by bartering services.  If you are a computer whiz there are a ton of small businesses who need your help.  Stop into one down the street and see what the owner wants and will trade services to get.

Finally, keep moving.  The people whose job hunts take the longest are those who don’t plod at full speed.  One tiny diversion can extend your job hunt a week.  Building momentum is not only critical but it’s important to your mental health.  Only you can motivate you and make you feel less desperate.

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