Moats Kennedy Inc. is a consulting firm owned by Marilyn Moats Kennedy, a keynote speaker and Chicago career consultant.

Keynote Speaker and Workshop TopicsMarilyn Moats Kennedy , Chicago Keynote Speaker for Business

In her keynote speeches and workshops, Marilyn helps managers understand and cope with workforce issues  and  manage different  generational groups more effectively.  She also provides cross-generational perspectives to sell products and services more effectively to each niche.  Selected keynote speakerand workshop topics include:

Contact Marilyn for more information or to schedule a program.  See details on the Keynote Speaker page.

Career Consulting and Coaching

Marilyn helps  identify key skills you want to use to maximize career satisfaction and success.  The process includes: 

  • Developing job hunting strategies. Decide what kind of organization to target and find the person who can hire you.
  • Managing political problems in the office, such a conflicts with bosses and co-workers
  • Handling salary and outplacement negotiations
  • Developing plans for getting promoted  or staying in place.
  •  Assisting people who want to grow in the job, be more effective leaders, or need confidential, objective feedback.
  • Developing a path to self employment.
  • Assisting in thinking through career change, for those from 22-70.

If you need help with any of these problems, see the Chicago Career Consultant page or contact Marilyn for a private counseling session.